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Boost your lung immunity against TB

Jun 25, 2023Jun 25, 2023

Here are seven ways

Tuberculosis (TB), a treatable and preventable disease, is caused by bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis), which most commonly affects the lungs. Tuberculosis spreads through the air from person to person. When people with lung tuberculosis cough, sneeze, or spit, the TB germs are released into the air. Only a few of these germs must be inhaled for a person to become infected.

In 2021, 1.6 million people died from tuberculosis. TB is the 13th leading cause of death worldwide and the second leading infectious killer after Covid-19 (below HIV/AIDS).

Here are some important TB facts that everyone should be aware of.

1. TB is an illness that spreads through the air.

2. A million or more Filipinos are currently battling active TB. Behind South Africa and Lesotho, this has the third-highest prevalence rate worldwide.

3. In the Philippines, TB claims the lives of around 70 individuals each day.

4. If you work in environments where TB transmission is a major concern, such as hospitals, homeless shelters, jails, and nursing homes, your risk of contracting the disease rises.

5. When your immune system is compromised by certain medications or medical diseases like diabetes, cancer, or HIV, you run a higher risk of developing tuberculosis (TB).

6. The best defense against TB is a robust immune system—60 percent of persons with a healthy immune system can totally eradicate TB bacteria.

7. Just like any curable diseases, it is preferable to prevent tuberculosis than to treat it.

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Written by Harold Bongbong, RPh, MBA