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California brand reinvents Italian deli favorite with proprietary new formula, eliminating all added nitrates or nitrites, to produce the first salami free of preservatives.

Olli's new formula debuts with the Salamini Snack line, answering the consumer call for clean-label foods with natural ingredients and increased transparency, and no asterisk.

OCEANSIDE, Calif., May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- One of Italy's most iconic and traditional foods is entering a completely new chapter as California-based Olli Salumeria officially launches the first preservative-free salami in the North American market.

This week, Olli Salumeria announces its revolutionary new curing process and formula that eliminates all added nitrates and nitrites, producing salami that is effectively free of all preservatives, without compromise to taste or texture.

Most modern salami has added nitrates and nitrites, either as a synthetic or through natural sources such as cultured celery juice powders and sea salt. These additives stabilize the product during curing, making them safe for consumption. Fueled by recent discoveries in food science, demand for "clean label" products has risen dramatically with consumers seeking minimally processed foods with simple, natural ingredients that are easy to understand.

"Salami making is steeped in tradition and many of our products are based on my family recipes dating back over 170 years, yet we also strive to innovate and modernize the process," explained Olli Salumeria President and Founder Oliviero Colmignoli. "Our preservative-free formula is a breakthrough that produces a great-tasting salami which delivers on what consumers want the most – quality, clean-label products without compromise to flavor."

Olli's revolutionary curing process eliminates nitrates or nitrites and instead relies on a simplified salt cure in combination with naturally occurring polyphenolic compounds – the same healthy compounds that doctors recommend in moderate consumption of berries, dark chocolate and red wine.

"Our preservative-free formula is proprietary but it effectively relies on antioxidants and basic salt to complete the curing process, instead of using any nitrate additives," explained Enrico Porrino, Olli Salumeria's director of R&D, and master salumiere. "It's a health-conscious option that still produces the same complex flavor and sweeter, less acidic taste people associate with Olli Salami."

According to Mary Ellen Phipps, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and founder of Milk & Honey Nutrition, Olli's preservative-free formula represents a major step forward in healthier salami, which is already a convenient, high-protein snack option.

"If you take preservatives out of the equation, traditional salami is a convenient, high-quality protein option that tastes delicious. It's a more nutrient-dense option than many other snacks in the supermarket and is made from simple whole ingredients," explained Phipps. "Olli's breakthrough process is a major step forward in making salami a healthier snack and mealtime protein source."

Olli's new preservative-free formula debuts with the company's Olli® Salamini and Olli® Salamini and Curds Snacks – a new line of salami sticks that cater to the growing trend of high-protein snacks. The company's new preservative-free process leverages emerging technology that requires a methodical approach to ensure quality and safety standards. Olli Salumeria will apply this technology to its other product lines, starting with all ten varieties of Olli® Chubs and two new Preservative Free sliced salami varieties in 2023, with the goal of eventually expanding this process to its entire product lineup – Olli® Pre-sliced Salami, Olli® Bulk Salami, Olli® Snack Packs and Olli® Antipasto Trays.

Currently, all other salami products in Olli's portfolio that have not yet received the preservative-free formula are still cured through a process that utilizes salt and alternative curing agents sourced from natural ingredients, which maintain the highest safety and quality standards in the industry.

"At Olli, we believe in simplicity. We make the world's best-tasting salami through a combination of simple ingredients, simple processes and a lot of patience," added Colmignoli. "Our slow curing preservative-free process has been extensively tested to ensure the highest safety and quality standards in the industry, and that difference is evident in the rich flavor of our product."

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About Olli SalumeriaOlli Salumeria is a U.S.-based salumeria (Italian for "delicatessen") that faithfully carries on four generations of salami-making traditions from one of Italy's most famous salami families. Named after Oliviero Colmignoli, the grandson of cured-meat legend Ferruccio Fiorucci, who produced his first salami in 1850, Olli is driven to introduce Americans to the sweeter, less acidic taste of salami slow-cured in the Italian method. The company offers a growing line of salami products to preferred retailers, discriminating foodies, natural snack lovers and those simply wanting an authentic taste of Italy.

From state-of-the-art processing facilities in Oceanside, Calif., which Oliviero and his team selected for its Mediterranean climate, Olli combines genuine Italian recipes, curing techniques and quality with a commitment to being the first 100% preservative-free Italian salami producer in America.

Olli can be found nationally, with several product lines available through Amazon Fresh, plus Whole Foods locations, Albertsons, Kroger, Publix and at regional supermarkets and specialty retailers across the country. To find an Olli retailer near you, go to

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