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SZA on her booty enhancement: 'I treat my butt like a purse'

Jul 03, 2023Jul 03, 2023



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Baby got back with her bank.

But SZA — one of the hottest artists of the year with her No. 1 smash "Kill Bill" — is feeling no plastic-surgery shame about her booty enhancement. In fact, her plumped-up posterior is her favorite accessory.

"I treat my butt like a purse," SZA, 33, told Elle of her amplified assets that are the result of a Brazilian butt lift.

"It's just there to enhance whatever else. And that's why I paid for it, because it works all by itself."

The singer, born Solána Rowe, hinted that she’d had the butt-boosting procedure at the beginning of her chart-topping "SOS" album. "That ass so fat, it look natural / It's not," she raps in the title-track intro.

And SZA — whose hourglass figure was recently featured in a campaign for Kim Kardashian's Skims shapewear line— is unapologetic about just how she achieved her long-desired body goals.

"I always wanted a really fat ass with less gym time," she said.

"I didn't succumb to industry pressure. I succumbed to my own eyes in the mirror and being like, ‘No, I need some more ass.’"

The R&B-pop star has been very open about her insecurities in her music, which has been part of her appeal — especially with young women.

"Some people think that, like, me having anxiety or me being shy or struggling with self-esteem is an act," said SZA. "I’m just dead-ass a person. Everybody else has feelings and fears.

"Why wouldn't I be scared to be famous?" she continued. "Would you be scared to be famous? Because I’m famous, I’m not allowed to be scared? I wasn't born famous. I had regular quiet-ass parents from a small town like everybody else."

And despite all of the success of her "SOS" album and tour, SZA knows well that fame can be fragile — and fans can be fickle.

"I know that people don't love me, because love is really unconditional, and I’m one scandal away from being canceled indefinitely like anyone else," she said. "I’m grateful that they like my art and that it speaks to them, and it connects and tethers all of us together in this weird way.

"It's dope, but it's also still a string that could be cut at any moment. Literally, sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to it. Remember Susan Boyle? Like, what if I’m Susan Boyle?!"

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