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Chlorine Dioxide Powder Bactericide for Crops

Chlorine Dioxide Powder Bactericide for Crops

Chlorine Dioxide is the 4th generation disinfectant .it 's used widely, safe and efficient , no-poisonous and residue af
Basic Info
Model NO. ZG-02-1019
Raw Material Chlorine Dioxide
Application Fields Planting Fungicide and Bactericide
Conductivity Spray
Composition Inorganic
Active Ingredient Chlorine Dioxide
Function Fungicide & Bactericide
Shelf Life 1 Year
Application of Scope Frost Mildew, Leaf Spot, Wither Sickness etc
Cetification CE/MSDS/ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001
Brand Name Zhaoguan or as Customer Requirement
Health License Number Lu Wei Xiao Zi (2014) No. 0424
Executive Standards Q / 370724szg001-2017
Transport Package Bucket
Specification 100g/bag
Trademark ZHAOGUAN
Origin China
HS Code 3808940090
Production Capacity 100000ton
Product Description
Chlorine Dioxide is the 4th generation disinfectant .it 's used widely, safe and efficient , no-poisonous and residue after use .It's confirmed to be A1 level disinfectant by WHO. It's recommended to be used in food processing ,food container sanitization , food and vegetable mildew preservation in many developped countries ; also used to solve the pollution of water ,air ,soil and public environment ,and microbial problem, without secondary pollution .


[Main Ingredient and Content]chlorine dioxide 10%
This product is a kind of white powder and becomes yellow-green clear liquid with a little chlorine smell after solution in water.
This product is a stable chlorine dioxide medicinal powder, and can extinguish the bacterium, the fungi, the virus, the spore and deodorizes. It has many merits such as non-toxic, no residual, convenient storage and usage. So it is widely applied in many plant domains such as planting environment plant surface and utensil disinfection. It can effectively prevent many kinds of plant diseases caused by the above pathogenesis organism's violation, for example frost mildew, leaf spot, needle cast, wither sickness, soft rot, hyphal cluster gets sick, Fusarium head blight, white-rot sickness and so on. More importantly it does not have the drug resistance, and improve plants' disease-resistant ability and self-recovering ability. Additional it also has a better preservation effects for the storage process for the fruit and vegetables.
[Method of Use]
Preparation of mother liquid: put one packet (10g) product into 1kg water (notice: pouring water into the powder is forbidden) ,stirring for 5~10 min and obtain 1 kg mother liquid whose density is 2000mg/L.Dilute the mother liquid as the table:
Object of DisinfectionDilution Ratio
Method for Usage
Sap period1:200-1:10010-20spray
Prolactin period1:100-1:6020-30
When Disease begins1:50-1:4040-50spray
When Disease becomes serious1:40-1:3050-60
Seed disinfection1:40-1:3050-60Immerse for 10-15 min
Preserving in the process of fruits or vegetables storage and transportation :
Object of PreservationDilution Ratio
Method for usage

1:2080Immerse for 1-2 mins and take out to dry naturely

1:4050Spray until surface gets moistured
  1. It is easy to absorb moisture,,so the packing should not be opened before using and used up at once.
  2. It should used in the dark, cool, dry and ventilated place with plastic containers or ceramic containers
  3. It should be stocked in the place that is dark,dry,and acid and alkali avoided.
  4. It is strong oxidant, action in transport,storage and use must in accordance with relevant national regulations
When too much medication is used,more water is needed.IF you get medication in your eyes, wash them with clean water as soon as possible.

Chlorine Dioxide Powder Bactericide for Crops

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