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22 Discontinued Trader Joe's Items We're Probably Not Getting Back

Oct 18, 2023Oct 18, 2023

For years, Trader Joe's has emerged as the chain version of your friendly neighborhood market. When you're looking for certain favorite items that you just can't get anywhere else, Trader Joe's is a good bet. You'll find all sorts of healthy and delicious food items at Trader Joe's, from snack food and desserts to pre-packaged meals that you can eat when you're in a pinch. People rave about certain Trader Joe's food items, to the point that there are entire forums dedicated to these favorites.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. There's a constantly rotating list of discontinued food products at Trader Joe's that people are sorely disappointed to see go by the wayside. Some items quietly come and go, while others garner a huge outcry online. If you love something from Trader Joe's, it would behoove you to stock up just in case. This guide delves into 22 discontinued Trader Joe's items that we're probably not getting back any time soon.

Whether you observe a plant-based diet, like to cut out animal products every now and then, or just enjoy the taste of a good veggie burger, this food option had everything you needed. The Hi-Protein Veggie Burger is an option that people all around the internet were sad to see go.

Fans loved the taste and the fact that it was a healthy, lightweight meal that they could enjoy. This was a veggie burger with several grams of pea protein, letting you get plenty of nutrients while skipping the beef. It was discontinued recently, and some customers weren't surprised because it was often the most in stock in its section. Unfortunately, this item went from being a delicious best-kept secret to no longer available.

Everyone loves a nice batch of cookies, especially when they're uniquely flavored. Trader Joe's chocolate chip sandwich cookies were all of the above. These cookies mixed the tried and true simplicity of chocolate chip cookies and added a sweet layer of fudge in the middle. It was a winning combination, and you got plenty of cookies per box. Throw in a glass of milk and you were transported right back to your childhood.

These cookies were discontinued in 2021, and are still mourned by many. Those who tried and loved them miss their cookie fix, and those who missed out but heard good things are kicking themselves.

Amino acids are excellent for several health reasons. They provide an energy source, help you break down your food, promote brain health, and assist your body in the production of hormones. When you get these amino acids in the form of a flavorful sauce, it's a no-brainer.

Trader Joe's once offered a delicious smoky BBQ-flavored take on coconut aminos. There are plenty of coconut aminos on the market, but BBQ options are few and far between. Not only did you get smoky BBQ flavor in every bottle, but this product was also certified organic. It was a favorite both for the health-conscious crowd and just for people who love barbecue flavoring on their food. Though this was a novel idea, it unfortunately didn't last long.

If you're a fan of sweet and savory combinations, Trader Joe's honey butter potato chips were a match made in heaven for you. Like many items from the store, these chips were made with simple, natural ingredients that were combined together for delicious flavor.

The mixture of honey, butter, and salt coalesced for a light, crispy snack that people appreciated so much that they're petitioning to get it back. They were a resounding favorite of many, having gotten a 4.7 rating on Amazon. Though these chips were discontinued in 2018, they still rank highly on the list of items Trader Joe's shoppers wish that they could still get their hands on.

This list wouldn't be complete without some delicious breakfast items. Whether you enjoy fruit for breakfast or a stack of waffles, Trader Joe's banana-flavored waffles provided shoppers the best of both worlds.

These frozen waffles were healthier than the variety you're most likely to see at grocery stores. They were wheat-free, gluten-free, and had no artificial colors or flavors. You could enjoy these waffles with some maple syrup, sliced fruit, or all by themselves, and would be satisfied no matter what. We haven't seen banana waffles on Trader Joe's store shelves since 2009, so you probably shouldn't expect to see them back any time soon.

Chocolate sandwich cookies have long been a favorite of the public. Whether you take bites out of the entire cookie, split it in half, or dip one or both halves in milk, this style of cookie tickles the taste buds of adults and kids alike.

Trader Joe's chocolate Joe-Joe's were similar to what you would get from Oreo cookies, only they were filled with chocolate creme in the middle. It's a nostalgic type of cookie, like those you might see in a glass jar at an old-school grocery store. People appreciated the chocolate-on-chocolate approach, and have been clamoring for the chocolate Joe-Joe's to come back for years.

The discontinuation of Joe's O's was another one that sent shockwaves through many of Trader Joe's faithful. It was a type of pasta in the shape of the letter O, featuring a combination of tomato and cheese sauce. The gooey, melted cheese meshed well with the rich, savory tomato sauce.

To top it off, this canned pasta treat was organic, so people felt great knowing they were looking out for their health. Those who loved these tasty O's agree that this one was gone too soon, and many considered it among the best canned food products made available at Trader Joe's.

Pulled chicken, pork, and beef are all favorite food items largely because of their versatility. You can serve pulled BBQ on a bun or by itself, dry or with sauce. You can eat it as-is, or dress it up with coleslaw, pickles, and sliced carrots. Unfortunately, you can do none of the above with items from Trader Joe's, as the store pulled the plug on its BBQ pulled meat items.

These pulled meats came fully cooked in hickory smoke-flavored BBQ sauce. People loved how easy it was to prepare this meal and the delicious end results — you didn't need a smoker to enjoy the robust flavor. Unfortunately, you'll have to find comparable pulled BBQ products elsewhere.

This Trader Joe's salsa provided a mixture of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, all in the same jar. It was a chunky salsa that was made with tropical flavors like mango and pineapple, along with red jalapeno peppers. People enjoyed this sweet and zesty salsa with their nachos, tacos, and several slow cooker recipes.

It's one of the many salsas that got discontinued by Trader Joe's at the time, and one that people want to see make a comeback. People appreciated the unique flavor profile, which you don't get from just any salsa that you pull off the grocery store shelf.

Sometimes we all just need a break to refresh and recharge. This newly discontinued herbal tea from Trader Joe's used to provide people the opportunity to do just that. This was a tea that included fresh ingredients like hibiscus, wild cherry bark, lemongrass, rosehips, orange peel, and peppermint.

People loved the flavor and energy boost that it provided, plus the fact that it was caffeine-free. Each box came with 20 tea bags, which also gave customers plenty of bang for their buck. Not only was the price right, but this tea got plenty of positive reviews when it was in circulation at Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's has always been a good grocery store to turn to for your sushi fix. People who eat plant-based foods were able to enjoy the brown rice avocado roll for a while, but those days have come and gone.

This was a health-conscious shopper's go-to, since the substitution of brown rice over white rice delivers more fiber and whole grains, allowing for slower digestion. It also provided the nutrients and heart health benefits of fresh avocados, all wrapped up in an expertly crafted roll. Trader Joe's tends to have plenty of other sushi products to choose from, but this one will be missed by many.

Few things are as simplistically satisfying as saltine crackers. They're crispy, lightweight, and go well with all sorts of soups, cheeses, and dips. Before you know it, you might look up and see that you've eaten an entire sleeve of them.

Trader Joe's salty squares were no different. These tasty saltines used the tried and true formula that we all love but also happened to be organic. It was a worthy take on a timeless snack, but it hasn't been seen on Trader Joe's store shelves for about three years. This means that you'll need to find another option for your soup or spread.

Trader Joe's (or Jose's, as the label says) chipotle black bean dip delivered 12 ounces of spice and flavor. It provided everything that you'd want in a bean dip, and it was a product that paired well with nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and other similar dishes.

You got a lot of value out of this bean dip, as it was made with real ingredients instead of fillers and additives. It was also a great dip to pair with salsa or queso. This bean dip was pulled from Trader Joe's store shelves about a year ago and isn't likely to return.

Trader Joe's is never one to shy away from interesting and flavorful takes on everyday items. This is why the company took something as simple and mundane as mayonnaise and attempted to add pizazz. The chile lime mayonnaise featured concentrated lime juice, along with powdered ancho and chipotle peppers. It was made with the hope of adding plenty of zest and a little spice to your sandwich.

However, Trader Joe's shoppers were a bit torn on the chile lime mayonnaise because of the inclusion of soybean oil. They appreciated the ambitious recipe but thought the inclusion of potentially unhealthy ingredients cheapened the product. To make matters worse, many people just hated the taste. This mayo lasted mere months before Trader Joe's decided to discontinue it.

Sweet potatoes have long been a healthy substitute for many of our favorite salty snacks. You can go to restaurants all over the country and find sweet potato fries on the menu. Trader Joe's took it a step further by offering sweet potato tortilla chips.

This product featured tortilla chips made with white corn and sweet potatoes. People appreciated them as a healthy alternative and enjoyed the lightness and crunchiness of this snack. They paired well with a wide variety of salsa and sour cream products, were highly regarded, and got excellent reviews. The $1.99 price tag also pleased shoppers looking to snack on a budget.

This is yet another product whose discontinuation was a tough pill to swallow when fans got the news. Trader Joe's fudge sauce and fondue was a product that was beloved by many. It was a fudge sauce that satisfied the sweet tooth with its richness and flavor, and was an excellent accompaniment for a variety of dessert foods.

The fudge sauce and fondue was discontinued in 2022, and customers on social media immediately voiced their disapproval. This product was beloved to the point that it had several five-star reviews, along with widely shared hacks and recommendations on how to get the most out of the sauce. It's one of the discontinued Trader Joe's products that supporters are most hopeful will eventually come back.

No one would ever call Cheetos a healthy snack, but in true Trader Joe's fashion, the company came up with a healthier alternative that its customers fell in love with. Perhaps this is why so many customers were heartbroken when the store's Spicy Cheese Crunchies were discontinued in 2022.

Rather than featuring the litany of unhealthy additives and food products found in Cheetos, the Trader Joe's alternative was made with cornmeal, baked not fried, gluten-free, and used real cheddar cheese. It was also free of artificial dyes and flavors. All of these positives weren't enough to keep this one on store shelves, unfortunately. The Spicy Cheese Crunchies have a huge contingent of supporters pushing for a return.

Jackfruit has emerged as a popular meat substitute in recent years. It's a fruit with a meaty texture, and enough of a neutral flavor to be seasoned to taste just about however you'd like. Trader Joe's took advantage of this with its Vegan Jackfruit Cakes.

These crabless cakes provided customers a taste of the sea without having to eat meat. It was a seafood substitute that many people loved to dress up with garnishes and their favorite seafood sauces. Shoppers will have to look elsewhere for a vegan crabcake equivalent, however, as this product was discontinued in 2021.

We have to play "Taps" for yet another popular Trader Joe's snack food. The Barbecue Popped Ridges offered light, crispy deliciousness and a tangy kick of barbecue sauce, with these puffed snacks made from potatoes, corn, and seasoning. People really enjoyed the sweet and spicy flavor of these snacks, and that they were a healthier alternative to barbecue potato chips that they would have typically purchased from other grocery stores.

Trader Joe's decided to discontinue this snack in 2021, eliciting a barrage of "Nooooo's" and crying emojis. Fans were gutted to hear that their favorite snack food was leaving — and unlikely to make a return.

Who said frozen pizza had to be a guilty pleasure? Shoppers were able to enjoy this pizza regret-free since it was topped with heaps of arugula, cherry tomatoes, and real cheese. Though it was a frozen pizza, reviewers said that Trader Joe's arugula pizza looked like a work of art that they didn't even want to cut into. The consensus was that the pizza was delicious, though not very filling.

As magnificent as this pizza was, Trader Joe's made the decision to discontinue it about a year ago, leaving its customers in limbo and in search for a healthy pizza replacement.

You can't have a cookout without baked beans. When doctored up, these beans are a summertime favorite that pairs well with a slab of ribs or chicken fresh off the grill.

Trader Joe's offered its take on baked beans in a 15-ounce can. By all accounts, these beans were flavorful and delicious and also provided an organic alternative to other baked bean products on the market. You could enjoy these baked beans as-is or doctor them up to your liking. The health-conscious appreciated that they offered a great source of fiber. Nonetheless, Trader Joe's decided to discontinue these beans in early 2022.

Trader Joe's decided to discontinue its queso cheese dip in 2021. It was a low-calorie cheese dip option that also happened to be vegan. The dip was offered in a 12-ounce jar, and you could use it on your tortilla chips, tacos, or other salty or savory food selections.

Unlike other items, many customers were glad to see this one gone. They rejoiced on social media posts that this product would be discontinued, and left comments about how much they disliked the taste. You can't win them all, but this is a discontinued Trader Joe's item that you are unlikely to see return.