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SINGAPORE, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Char Kway Teow, Laksa and Chicken Rice are some of the hawker dishes that can be found almost in every food centre in Singapore. While convenient and easily accessible throughout the day, these familiar dishes are high in carbohydrates and calories[1] and may not provide adequate nutrition. High levels of blood sugars (the end point of food sugar and starch) over time leads to weight gain, poor metabolic health, and an increased risk of heart disease[2].

While there is an increased awareness of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and wellness has become a top priority for many, the average consumer struggles to maintain healthy eating habits due to a myriad of factors such as budget constraints, habit, lack of taste and convenience.

Superfood Kitchen sets out to eliminate these barriers with its affordable, nutrition focused meal solutions - SuperBowls and SuperBurritos - that not only takes the hassle out of healthy eating but also provides an avenue for consumers to either maintain a healthy diet, or have a nutritious meal catered to their needs. Superfood Kitchen aims to revolutionise dietary habits by offering a healthier meal choice experience that balances nutrition with taste. The menu features a diverse range of grains and protein options cooked using various techniques to ensure that healthy eating remains a top priority while also retaining the comfort and familiarity of well-loved flavours. With a concept similar to the popular "economical rice" ordering option, Superfood Kitchen is dedicated to transforming diets and promoting healthier eating habits without compromising on taste.

Superfood Kitchen's mission

Driven by a mission to improve the quality of living by making nutrition accessible to all, Superfood Kitchen offers delicious home-made meal solutions that can be customised to suit different needs — from busy professionals to health-conscious foodies looking for vegan options. With prices starting at $6.90 and more than 40,000 unique customisations available from their menu, customers are empowered to make the best choice for their health. Eating healthy knows no bounds or barriers — it's a lifestyle accessible to all.

While nutrition tracking today can be done with just an app, it requires users to tediously weigh and input their food quantities into these food-tracking apps and platforms. Superfood Kitchen simplifies the process by calculating this for their customers in real time. Their touchscreen ordering system is embedded with a real-time counting function that breaks down the macronutrients of each dish immediately. This transparency gives customers a clear picture of what they are exactly consuming, and peace of mind that their food is not only tasty, but also healthy. This was also the inspiration behind the name 'Superfood Kitchen' – 'Superfood' which emphasises the use of nutrient-dense ingredients like greens, avocado, nuts, whole grains, yogurt, legumes, and tomatoes, just to name a few; and 'Kitchen', which points to the humble, homely origin of the recipes, which are inspired by the travels of Co-founder Ca-ryn Lim.

Homemade selection of ingredients from different cuisines

Superfood Kitchen's menu comprises of more than 40 unique ingredients, with a variety of grains, proteins, supplements, and dressings that can be customised for each SuperBowl or SuperBurrito. The best-selling items on the menu include cauliflower rice, roasted broccoli, and pumpkin, instead of the usual boiled or broiled options. For those who prefer to do away with customisation or are unable to decide among the plethora of different ingredients, carbs, and supplements available, Superfood Kitchen also offers a variety of curated menu items that incorporate a selection of cuisines from all over the world.

Joining their new Spring 2023 menu is Papa Java ($8.50), a SuperBowl made with roasted honey-soy chicken, Asian-spiced brown rice, teriyaki tempeh, freshly made tomato salsa, lettuce, pickled red onions, chilli-pickled pineapple carrots and roasted peanuts (339 calories, 19. 1g protein, 46.3g carb, 9.6g fat). The dish is a stimulating, sensory experience, providing a platter of textures and flavours with every bite. For vegans, the same dish is also available with meat-free options (279 calories, 9.3g protein, 52.3g carb, 4.1g fat). Riding on the Hallyu wave is K-Fever ($8.50), which consists of Sous-vide chicken breast with cauliflower rice, roasted rosemary king oyster mushrooms, pickled red cabbage, lettuce, roasted sea-salt pumpkin, black olives and flavoured with a distinctive Gochujang aioli (262 calories, 22.5g protein, 23.1g carb, 7.5g fat)

Founders Ca-ryn Lim and Ernie Voon first found their footing in the F&B industry back in 2009 with The Green Bar, the early pioneers of a gourmet salad bar that elevated the humble salad from appetiser to main dish. Then, Ca-ryn held the fort, and Ernie provided support while continuing his corporate job. As pioneers in the salad bar business, the couple spent many years operating The Green Bar, researching and developing healthy recipes and learning about customer preferences.

Ernie Voon said: "Our dishes are based on what we eat at home, so it warms my heart whenever customers realise that healthy food does not need to be bland and boring and can taste delicious! We see our mission coming to life every day when we hear daily testimonials from customers who have evolved their diets with us to become more energetic, lighter, and healthier. We also wanted to empower our customers to take charge of knowing what they put into their bodies and hence our e-kiosks have an automated nutrition calculator, so you will always know the nutritional content of each selection without having to manually input the products in a separate app."

Despite their success, the couple had to close stores when the COVID-19 pandemic affected F&B outlets in the central business district. As Singapore eased out of the pandemic, the couple noticed a huge gap in affordable, daily nutritional food for Singaporeans, which eventually became the mission of Superfood Kitchen. Motivated to drive home this mission, Ernie left his corporate job to help manage operations and the expansion of Superfood Kitchen while Ca-ryn focused on the culinary aspects. Fast-forward to today and they have since expanded the brand to four outlets, (with a cloud kitchen at Alexandra Retail Centre) island wide.

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