Wholesale Good Quality Natural Preservatives in Bread Baking

Wholesale Good Quality Natural Preservatives in Bread Baking

Overview Product Description Megafood Natural Preservatives Description 1. Features natural preservatives (natural flavo
Basic Info
Color White to Cream
Appearance Powder, Allows Easy Mechanical Crushing Caking
Packing 7kg, 10kg/Bag
Certificate SGS, Halal
Applications Meats/Gummy Candy/Bread Baking/Beverage Ect..
Delivery Time 3-7working Days by Order Quantity
Payment Term Tt/LC at Sight/Paypal/Western Union
Trade Term EXW/Fob/CIF
Transportation Express/Sea/Air
Transport Package Carton
Specification 1.01, 10kg/carton 1.50, 7kg/carton
Origin China
Product Description
Product Description

Megafood Natural Preservatives Description

1. Features natural preservatives (natural flavors) with fresh-keeping function; 2. It is formed by catabolizing hydrocarbon compounds by special microorganisms (fermenters, probiotics, etc.); 3. Product indicators fully meet the relevant requirements of the national flavor standard GB 30616; 4. Improve and maintain the flavor and texture of food; 5. Small dose of bacteriostasis, large dose of bacteriolysis, dual effect; 6. Natural fermented products are safer; 7. Replace traditional preservatives and clean food labels; 8. The dual active ingredients of bacteriocin and organic acid; 9. Unrestricted use and wide application range;

Product Parameters

Product NameNatural Preservatives(Natural Flavor)Model1.01,1.50
AppearanceWhite to cream powderMoisture,%0.1-10
ResourceNatural PreservativesPH,%7.5-9
GradeFood GradeSugar,%12-15
FunctionFood PreservationFungus,cfu/g,≤100
Transport PackageNeutral CartonYeast,cfu/g,≤100

Detail Photos Production Process

Wholesale Good Quality Natural Preservatives in Bread Baking


Application of Natural Preservatives (Natural Flavor) 1.50 in Baking

• All kinds of bread, toast, wheat bread, all kinds of sweet bread, butter bread, bun, pie, etc• Products made of lasagna skin, including fermented and non-fermented products• Pastries, including biscuits, muffins, cakes, Vienna waffles, cream biscuits, shortcakes, etc• Other food products, including various sauces, cheeses, beverages, ect.
Suggest Dosage
• Bread: 0,4 -- 0,9%/ flour.• Flour and confectionery products: 0,3-0,6%/ finished product.
Suggest Process
1. Bread• To knead the dough, add the natural food preservatives dry powder and flour into the mixture and sift it with the flour.• Use an aqueous solution (part of the water in the formula)• Mix first with the ingredients solution (salt solution, sugar solution).2. Flour and confectionary products:• When making emulsion mixtures, add them with liquidingredientsApplication of Natural Preservatives (Natural Flavor) 1.01 in Meat ProductsApplication
• Sausage products, including cooked sausage, smoked sausage, sausage, mud sausage and liver mud enema;• Other meat products, ham, meat puddles, canned, semi-finished products, meat jelly, etc.;• Other foods: including candy, carbonated beverages. It can also be substituted with 1.50Suggest Dosage• 0.5-1.0%/Finished products dosageSuggest Process• When mixing basic ingredients, add the preservative powder to the chopper or blender.• To prepare the marinade, add the natural preservative and functional compound additive to the brine.
Application of Natural Preservatives (Natural Flavor) in Other ProductsApplication
• Sour cream, fermentation milk:015-0.3%• Cheese and reproduction cheese: 0.2-0.3%(can be used with traditional preservatives )• Bechamel, mayonnaise:0.3-1%;• Non-alcoholic beverages,fruit beverages: 0.05-0.2%
• Candy and jelly:0.3-0.5%Advantage Application• Increase the shelf life of products• Control acid after yogurt.• Prevent milk stick products from mildew, yellowing and soft texture caused by microbial reproduction;• Ensure that the taste of sauces is stable and consistent.• Reduce and replace the use of traditional food additives. Suggest Process•In the pre-treatment stage,it can be mixed with sugars,stablizers, ect. to participate in the dissolution of ingredients, and the subsequent normal process is performed. Related Products
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Our Advantages

Advantages: * No addition of chemical synthetic ingredients, ingredients list of purification products. * Broad-spectrum antibacterial, low dose antibacterial, high dose lytic bacteria. *Not affected by any processing technology(acid,heat,salt,shear ect.); *In the bread and cake products, it has the dual effect of keeping fresh and keeping wet; *During the shelf life, it can inhibit the acidity increase caused by the growth of lactobacillus. *Easy to dissolve in water, can be directly added to the brine quickly dissolved. *Not effect on products flavor. Certificate: TC № ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.АИ77.B.20184 Qualification of Production Enterprises: *GOST ISO 9001-2011(ISO 9001:2008) *GOST R ISO 22000-2007 *FSSC 22000 Our Service 1. 24Hour-On-Line Professional Quick Response. 2. Rich Importing & Exporting Experience to more than 20 countries all over the world. 3. Fast delivery within 10working days after payment. 4. Flexible payment methods: TT, LC, DP, Western Union, Paypal. 5. Professional guide on your purchase strategy based on market trendency.

Wholesale Good Quality Natural Preservatives in Bread Baking

Company ProfileMegafood TeamMegafood (Shanghai) Health Technological Has more than 25 years of global experience in the marketing and service of food ingredients and food additives. It has long-term cooperative relations with major domestic medium and large-scale food and health product enterprises, such as BY-HEALTH, Amway, Yili, Mengniu, Xiuzheng, etc. And has a perfect and mature domestic sales network and service system. We have long-term cooperation with many large-scale international food ingredients and food additive suppliers, such as Mars, Chr. Hansen, Purac, Nippi, Capol, Amicogen, etc. And are familiar with the latest cutting-edge technology and related applications.Megafood GrowthSince 2015, the company has gradually focused on new functional food ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, new resource foods, Russian ingredients, etc., to create "Qingqingchang" nutrition brand and "Pet Ting" Pet food brand, continue to lead the dairy, Beverage, candy and other traditional food industry in product transformation, formula upgrading and sustainable development of innovation, at the same time, in the field of functional health food has also done useful exploration and development.

Megafood NowdaysThe company relies on the global food raw material Supply Platform Foundation and the abundant technical fund investment, has guaranteed the superiority project consolidation and the sustainable development.Packaging & Shipping

1. For 1.01 model, 10kg/carton, inner plastic bag.
2. For 1.50 model, 7kg/carton, inner plastic bag.

Wholesale Good Quality Natural Preservatives in Bread Baking


Q1: Can I get some sample?
A: Sure. Free sample of 5-10grams can be provided upon request. Q2: What's your quality assurance?
A:We have very strict quality control system to avoid any mistakes. Meanwhile, Our products are certified by ISO,HALAL,FSSC etc. Q3: What's the MOQ?
A: For most of the products, MOQ is 100kgs, however, pls contact us for confirmation. Q4: What's the lead time?
A: Production lead time is around 10days after payment confirmed. Q5: What's your payment terms?
A: We accept the following payment terms:30% TT in advance +70% before shipment, L/C at sight, Western Union, Paypal Q6, How long until I can receive the goods?
A: Shipping time depends on many factors (country of destination, quantity of goods, shipping method, Custom control, etc), the delivery time can range from 7days to 45 days.Q6. What's the package?
A: All the package will strictly according to products characterias. Generally, inner package is plastic sealed bag, external package is carton.